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Toasting Kits

Each Kit contains toasting sticks, a gel burner and two bags of our delicious, all natural gourmet marshmallows - approx 24 pieces of marshmallow in total! Our kit is available with Vanilla and Raspberry marshmallows - 1 bag of each.

The gel burner is non-toxic, smokeless and odourless and lasts for over two hours. And if you don't need the full two hours, just pop the lid on to put the flame out, cool, and store until you want to re-light it again!

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Mallow Sets

Take a peek at our delicious sets of marshmallows in different flavours! All hand-made with natural ingredients, these are a real treat for the taste buds. Our core set contains one bag of classic Vanilla, one of Raspberry and one of Salted Caramel - something for everyone (or just for you)!

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Party Mallows

Looking for a LOT of mallows? For a party or celebration? We have just the thing! With approximately 160 pieces of individually wrapped marshmallow in each box, there is enough to satisfy any sweet craving.

Available in: Gingerbread, Vanilla, Raspberry and Salted Caramel.

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Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a hot chocolate? And these are special.

Hand-made with a silky smooth ganache inside so that they melt quickly, simply stir in to hot milk for the perfect treat. Each box contains twelve delicious hot chocolates to enjoy in either milk or dark. Even better - top with some of our amazing gourmet marshmallows and a dollop of cream for a totally indulgent treat!

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Hand-made confection perfection.

Award-winning hand-made marshmallows using all natural ingredients.

Ever since I was a child I have always been obsessed with sweets, but as an adult I had never been overwhelmed by the taste of a traditional pink and white marshmallow, and I started to wonder why. With access to all these beautiful ingredients out there, what was stopping the confectionery that we eat day-to-day from being truly incredible. So one day I set about creating my own. When I made and tasted my first gourmet marshmallow, I knew that I had happened upon something special. It was so unlike the usual fare - packed full of flavour and melt-in-the-mouth delicious.

So, that’s how my journey began. From then on my mission has been to inspire more people to eat delicious artisan confectionery, confectionery that alters your expectations of sweets - sweets that grown-ups can enjoy.

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